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About us and photography - Braidwood Design Studio

nikon d90 digital camera 2Our photographers have more years between them than care to tally of taking photographs - from the days of film cameras, to having the first Nikon Coolpix or D1 ever came out, to using today's DSLRs.

This period includes teaching photography to hundreds of students instilling passion and enthusiasm. Many of these ex-students have made a successful career as professional photographers travelling the globe and have been recognised for their talent and achievements in Australia and other countries where they live.

Our skills include digital manipulation of images, but we believe that a bad photograph cannot be turned into a good one.

We take photographs for pleasure as well as take and prepare them for commercial purposes.

Photography & photography related services

Contact us for

  • all your photography needs - from event photography to creating timeless photographs that capture special moments
  • wedding and event photography - we provide professional personal service, quality and timely delivery, whatever your photography needs are
  • all other services from custom design invitations, menus, photo albums, photo books to makeup - all in one place, coordinated in time and presentation.
  • photo editing, restoration, copy work and studio work

Our photographers are experts in capturing

  • the anticipation, the emotion, the little details that make a difference, and
  • the excitement of the day

to present you with a beautiful story where pictures are worth a thousand words and relive those treasured moments.


Our expert photographers can help you anywhere within the Sydney - Canberra - South Coast triangle we offer competitive prices, packages and quality service

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